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Quincy Bioscience Prevagen Extra Strength 20 mg 30 Caps

Quincy Bioscience Prevagen Extra Strength 20 mg 30 Caps

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What is Prevagen?

Quincy Bioscience Prevagen's professional clinical studies and trials, show both safe and effective results for human consumption; providing significant cognitive benefits for otherwise healthy adults.

Three separate safety studies are completed and demonstrate Prevagen's level of safety. Prevagen Extra Strength 20 mg, 30 capsules, is designed to be taken as a convenient, once-daily pill for maximum absorption, without several pills required to achieve the maximum benefit potential.

Each of the 30 capsules in one bottle of Prevagen Extra Strength contains 20 mg of high-quality, and easily-absorbed, Apoaequorin—a naturally occurring compound discovered initially in Jellyfish. The extra strength formula provides the most beneficial active ingredient dosage per pill, increasing cognitive function in those using Prevagen.

Why Choose Prevagen?

In the Madison Memory Study—a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of Prevagen—Apoaequorin (the primary ingredient in Prevagen) was shown to increase cognitive performance with clinical significance in those taking Prevagen over those in the placebo group.

Those in the group receiving Prevagen showed performance increases in:

  • Memory

  • Learning ability and speed

  • Attention span

  • Visual learning

  • Psychomotor function

The dosage given to participants in the control group was only half of the dosage present in Prevagen Extra Strength, showing the potency and benefits of this compound.

Long-term Benefits of Prevagen

Prevagen Extra Strength studies show benefits in both long-term and short-term improvement of memory and cognition.

Prevagen Extra Strength is recommended taken for a minimum of 90-days assessment period before determining its level of effectiveness. Long-term benefits continue, keeping memory and cognitive ability sharp over time. It has proven exceptional in preventing memory loss and decreased retention of information, associated with aging in adults 40+.

Why Purchase Through Us?

We offer the absolute best prices on Prevagen Extra Strength - 20 mg, 30 capsules! Choose to take care of your brain today; experience better memory, enhanced learning ability, and slower neuro-aging by adding once-daily Prevagen to your routine. Take advantage of these fantastic prices now, and experience why millions use Prevagen!

Order today! Add Prevagen Extra Strength to your vitamin regimen—and experience a boost in memory and cognition—while giving your brain an extra layer of protection against memory loss and aging.

Each bottle of Prevagen Extra Strength contains 30 capsules, each containing. 20 mg of Apoaequorin—the main active ingredient. Other inactive ingredients and allergy information; are located in the full product details on the product label.
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