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Positive Power Nutritionals Super Silica Liquid 4 Fl Oz

Positive Power Nutritionals Super Silica Liquid 4 Fl Oz

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What is Super Silica?

Super silica contains not just pure ionic silica, but also vital elements such as carbon, hydrogen, calcium, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen. By combining these elements, super silica increases the absorption levels tremendously. If you tried to get the same benefits from horsetail, you’d end up consuming up to 60 times more! That more difficult than getting Positive Power Nutritionals Super Silica in the handy 4 oz bottle. Better yet, this essential supplement is available as an easy to consume liquid.

The Benefits of Super Silica

Super silica has six great benefits. Let’s look at what you can gain from adding Positive Power Nutritionals Super Silica to your diet.

Increased Bone Density

For maintaining well-needed bone density, research has found that silica and calcium do the work together. The experts theorize that silica may be integral to a process known as bone mineralization. One thing’s for sure if you include super silica in your diet, your bones will be stronger.

Improved Collagen Formation

Collagen is a prevalent protein in the body. You’ll find it in your blood, skin, and muscles. If you want flexible joints and healthy skin, then your connective tissue needs collagen. Silica is an important building block for collagen. With super silica, your body will have what it needs to create all the collagen it needs.

Stronger Circulation System

Silica has been found to be important for lowering cholesterol and reducing hardening in the arteries. This, in turn, will lead to having a much healthier heart and overall circulation system. If you consume super silica, you’ll also reduce your risk of getting atherosclerosis, a disease where fatty deposits accumulate in the walls of your arteries.

Improved Immune System

When you add super silica to your diet, you can also expect a boosted immune system. Research suggests that silica helps to create an environment in your body that doesn’t support the growth of harmful microorganisms. It has also been shown to help the immune system create helpful antibodies.

Stronger Digestive System

According to recent research, silica is important to maintaining and rebuilding healthy stomach tissue. This could help you avoid disorders or illnesses that come from the breakdown of the stomach lining. An optimal digestive system could also lead to improved digestion overall.

Healthy Hair

In many cases, hair loss has been linked to a deficiency in silica. This is because the element is important to removing damaged cells from the scalp, encouraging the production of collagen, and strengthening hair strands. With the right amount of silica in your diet, like what Positive Power Nutritionals Super Silica provides, your hair will be stronger, healthier, and shinier.
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