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Nordic Naturals Ultra Omega Extra Lemon 60 Softgels

Nordic Naturals Ultra Omega Extra Lemon 60 Softgels

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Nordic Naturals - Ultimate Omega Xtra, 60 Soft Gels
2 SOFT GELS = 1000 MG.

Nordic Naturals - Ultimate Omega Xtra, Support for a Healthy Heart, 

HE BENEFITS OF OMEGA-3 - Omega-3s are essential fatty acids found in abundance in fish oil, and include EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid.) Omega-3s have been shown to support overall wellness, including heart, brain, joint, eye, and mood health.* Ultimate Omega Xtra has a 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA, and 23% more EPA per serving than Ultimate Omega. A more concentrated version of our most popular formula, Ultimate Omega Xtra has more omega-3s per serving than most other ome
IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH - Omega-3s have been shown to promote healthy immune function and metabolism, and to support healthy blood sugar levels. They also support the body's ability to respond to stress in a healthy way. Many concentrated fish oils on the market today are in the ethyl ester molecular form, whereas Nordic Naturals' formulas-including Ultimate Omega Xtra-are produced in true triglyceride form to ensure optimal absorption and results.*
CAUGHT IN THE WILD - Every batch of Nordic Naturals fish oil is made from wild-caught, sustainably sourced fish. The oils are third-party tested for purity and freshness, as well as to ensure that they are free of environmental toxins, including heavy metals, which are often associated with fish oil.
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