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MegaFood Turmeric Strength Liver 60 Tab

MegaFood Turmeric Strength Liver 60 Tab

SKU: 51494103104


Delivers whole food and concentrated herbal antioxidant compounds to support healthy function of the liver, including support  of vital detoxifying pathways.*
Features a proprietary blend of FoodStateΓôç  Kauai Organic Farms Turmeric Root╦ú & a pure Turmeric Extract  to deliver a guaranteed minimum level of 300 mg cucumin together with the synergistic benefit of a full spectrum of curcuminoids.*Milk Thistle Seed and Schisandra Berry are widely recognized herbs known to promote and maintain health of the liver.*
ˣKauai Organic Farms is a trademark of Green Enterprises, Inc

Available in 60 & 90 count* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Sweet Certifications

Other Ingredients: Plant Cellulose, Vegetable Lubricant, Silica
Suggested Use: Two tablets daily. May be taken any time throughout the day, even on an empty stomach
FoodState Nutrients™ are made with fresh and local foods. Crafted with our Slo-Food Process™, they deliver the most authentic nourishment available, which we believe the body recognizes as 100% whole food.

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