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DISCONTINUED Meta-Labs Berberine Hcl 90 Capsules

DISCONTINUED Meta-Labs Berberine Hcl 90 Capsules

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Amazing Health Benefits of Berberine1. Natural Antimicrobial - By inhibiting the ability of bacteria to attach to human cells, Berberine helps protect againstmany bacterial infections, particularly in the throat, intestines, and urinary tract. Berberine antimicrobial properties inthe digestive system make it a unique supplement to use in a detox program as well. Adding Berberine to your dailysupplement regiment you will nurture the digestive system and "clean your gut" for overall health improvement.2. Support for Blood Glucose Levels & Type 2 Diabetes - A clinical trial published in Metabolism found that "Berberineworks just as well as the top-selling drug for type 2 diabetes, metformin (Glucophage)." The study conducted onindividuals with Type 2 diabetes found that Berberine significantly lowered blood glucose and hemoglobin levels. In thestudy, Berberine was every bit as effective as metformin in regulating glucose metabolism.3. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels - Berberine has also been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels,something most (if not all) diabetes drugs cannot do. The study, published in the The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology& Metabolism, found that Berberine lowered triglycerides by 35.9 percent, LDL cholesterol by 21 percent, and totalcholesterol by 18 percent! Besides lowering cholesterol, the study also found that Berberine lowered blood pressureand increased weight/fat loss.4. Supports Cardiovascular Health - Berberine may improve quality of life and heart function, and improve mortality." Astudy reported in the Cardiovascular Drug Review that Berberine can certainly reduce the risk of heart disease,especially since it can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels-all of which are risk factors for heartdisease.5. Supports Mental and Brain Health - A recent study conducted at the Shandong University of Technology in Chinafound that "Berberine helps prevent oxidation damage to biomolecules in the brain, inhibits enzymes which breakdownimportant memory molecules, reduces peptides that interfere with proper memory function, and lowers lipids thatinterfere with cerebral blood flow." It's interaction with brain and mental health show that Berberine may also be able toward off Alzheimer's disease.
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