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Advanced Research Zinc Orotate 60 Mg 100 Tabs

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Formulated by Dr. Hans Nieper and made in the USA, Zinc Orotate 9.5mg by Advanced Research is a dietary supplement that comes with a wide array of health benefits!

Zinc orotate is a mineral that our bodies naturally contain, and our systems have less trouble absorbing it than they do with normal zinc. But oftentimes we aren’t able to produce enough of this element on our own, which is why we must also seek it out in our diets, or with supplements like Zinc Orotate 9.5mg. One of the benefits of zinc is that it works wonders on our immune systems, making it good to have on deck for cold and flu-like symptoms. It is also a friend to the cardiovascular system, as studies have shown that it can lower your cholesterol.

Product information

  • 100 tablets, 9.5mg each

  • Adults are recommended to take one tablet, twice a day

  • Pregnant or nursing women should ask a doctor before using

  • Ask your doctor before giving this product to children

If you’re looking to boost your immune system or keep your cholesterol in check, increase your zinc intake with Advanced Research’s Zinc Orotate 9.5mg today!
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