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Solaray Cool Cayenne With Vitamin C 60 Capsules

Solaray Cool Cayenne With Vitamin C 60 Capsules

SKU: 76280081022
Cool Cayenne formulas contain 40,000 heat-unit cayenne that has completed the unique and proprietary BioCool process. This process keeps the cayenne in its natural, spicy-hot form, but now, you won't feel the burning sensation in your stomach. This is accomplished by simply processing 40,000 heat-unit cayenne with 100% natural ingredients including ginger root, modified guar gum, vegetable fiber, and annatto. Suggested Use: Use only as directed. Take two to four capsules daily with a meal or glass of water. Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Gelatin Capsule, Annatto, Rose Hips, Rutin, Citrus, Bioflavonoids, Ginger (root), and Guar Gum.  
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