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Now Better Stevia Original 100 Packetss

Now Better Stevia Original 100 Packetss

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ZERO CALORIES With Chromium & Inulin Natural Gluten-Free Aspartame-Free Superior Taste A Dietary Supplement   BetterStevia Balance™ is a unique combination of Stevia, Inulin, and Chromium that's ideally suited to support healthy glucose metabolism.* Our convenient packets can be taken anywhere, so you're never without a healthy, zero-calorie alternative. By now most of us have heard of Stevia, a small plant native to South America with unique nutritive properties. While mass market brands have only recently jumped on the Stevia bandwagon, NOW has been selling Stevia for more than 25 years, so we know a thing or two about this amazing herb and its outstanding properties. Over the years the manufacturing process that produces BetterStevia™ extract has been perfected, leading to a natural product with exceptional purity and virtually no bitter aftertaste. The "Balance" in BetterStevia Balance™ comes from Inulin and Chromium. Inulin, a fructooligosaccharide from chicory, is a non-digestible soluble fiber that can be utilized for nourishment by the probiotic bacteria in the gut. Chromium, a dietary mineral, is included due to its essential role in the body's metabolism of glucose, further supporting the low glycemic properties inherent in BetterStevia™ Balance.* Stevia Balance is an ideal supplement for anyone looking for a convenient natural product with a low glycemic impact.* Since 1968 NOW Foods has been committed to providing high quality, affordable natural foods, vitamins and personal care products. No compromises, no added costs, no unnecessary frills. We continue to provide certified organic or natural foods, grains, flours and seeds through health food stores. As a family owned and operated business, we offer the health-conscious consumer three generations of honesty, quality, purity and commitment. Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." Gen. 1:29 Suggested Usage As a dietary supplement, take one packet as desired. Not manufactured with wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens. Caution: Due to micronutrient content, do not use more than 8 packets per day. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition (especially diabetes or blood sugar irregularities). Keep out of reach of children. Chromium Chelavite® is a registered trademark of Albion Labs. Fiber is not digested, therefore this product has no caloric effect. Store in a cool, dry place after opening. Vegetarian/Vegan Product. Made from 100% Recyclable Material. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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