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Enzymedica Digest Gold 120 C

Enzymedica Digest Gold 120 C

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ENZYMEDICA Digest Gold™ Naturally relieves uncomfortable digestive issues associated with enzyme and nutritional deficiencies.
Pure & Potent Digestive Enzyme Supplement*ENZYMEDICA DIGEST GOLD WITH ATPro 120 CAP
Tired of digestive distress every time you eat? Our award-winning, complex blend of 14 superior plant and fungal based enzymes is specially formulated to help relieve occasional uncomfortable digestive issues so you can enjoy meals without a second thought.*
Powered by Thera-blend™ Technology Thera-blend™ is a proprietary process developed by Enzymedica that synergistically combines multiple enzyme strains to work across acidic, neutral and alkaline pH levels for superior results.* Our unique formulation has been shown to be 3x stronger–and break down and absorb nutrients 6x faster–than leading digestive supplements!* Infused with ATPro™ for Improved Digestion and Energy* Digest Gold™ is enhanced with ATPro™–an advanced formula of ATP, magnesium citrate, phytase and CoQ10–to promote normal digestion and increase natural energy.*
It contains a massive 300,000,000 LCUs of ATP (a critical energy-producing molecule needed to move nutrients between cells) per capsule. Digest Gold™ users frequently report feeling more awake and energized after supplementing!*
Thera-blend™ formulation, ATPro™ enzyme blend, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Achievements
Usage & Notes
Recommended Use: Take one veggie cap with every meal. More may be taken as needed.Enzymedica does not use ingredients produced using biotechnology.
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