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Citrus Magic Air Frshnr Grpfrt 3.5 Oz

Citrus Magic Air Frshnr Grpfrt 3.5 Oz

SKU: 87052722319
Citrus Magic Spray Air Freshener, Pink Grapefruit, 3.5 fl. oz. The most effective odor eliminators come from nature and Citrus Magic harnesses that natural power. Eliminate odors on contact with Citrus Magic Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Sprays. Using 100% Active ingredients made from pure and natural citrus oils, Citrus Magic sprays last up to 4X longer than conventional air fresheners that are mostly made of water, gas and a little perfume. One spray of Citrus Magic and you will instantly notice the difference!Our 3.5 fl. oz. size is perfect for tackling even the largest odors around the home. With our concentrated formula, you will see how much a little bit can go a long way.
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