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Carlson Solar D3 4000 IU 120 Softgels

Carlson Solar D3 4000 IU 120 Softgels

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CARLSON SOLAR D3 4000 IU 120 SOFTGELS is specially formulated to provide Vitamin C to the body. It contains natural lemon flavour which spreads warm, fresh, lemon taste to your mouth. It does not contain any degree of preservatives. Instead, to keep the freshness intact, instead of preservatives, antioxidants are added.

Who This Product Is For

For those who do not have regular exposure to the sun, the lack of Vitamin C can be balanced by regular intake of CARLSON SOLAR D3 4000 IU 120 SOFTGELS.

In addition, it contains omega-3s supplement extracted fish cod liver oil. This product is completely and regularly tested by FDA registered laboratories and health authorities for its potency and freshness.

Boosting Immunity

This soft gel is meant for immunity boosting and improvising your calcium level thereby strengthening your bones. It is gluten-free and does not alter your body diet.

It contains simple ingredients like glycerin, beef gelatin, water in the required amount. As it contains animal supplements like fish cod liver oil meant for giving omega-3s to the body it is not completely vegan.

Directions & Usage

Before taking any kind of additional supplements, consult with your physician or health care provided. It is recommended that you discuss the ingredients with them.
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